The last main section of Temple ceiling is been filled with concrete

Once this is finished work can proceed on the final and more complicated part of the structure, the cupola

The height makes the work difficult

Only “empty space” below and above the workers

Step by step the cupola is taking shape

The main ring viewed from the ground

A view from the 7.4 meters high concrete ceiling

Beginning the steel frame

Many steel bars form the beam skeleton

Looking inside the steel frame, as if in an x-ray

Early in the morning, finally the concrete casting starts. The rain acts as a helper providing perfect conditions for concrete molding, total humidity

Afternoon, and the work is not yet finished . . .

. . but finally at 10 pm the workers reach their goal, completing this step and making closer the end of the cupola

Early the next day after the molds were removed showing the brand new beams

Slowly, the Heruka Mandala is taking shape

It is an amazing experience to be so close to this precious gift of Geshe-la’s

The ground sprinkled with perfume and spread with flowers,
The Great Mountain, four lands, sun and moon,
Seen as a Buddha Land and offered thus,
May all beings enjoy such Pure Lands

At the back is the main access showing the way to the future garden in front the Temple

Meanwhile inside the Temple, the brick walls are been rising

Inside Temple, Sangha accommodations and chalet the electricity, water and sewer infrastructure are being installed