In Los Angeles, people long to leave behind the stress, hustle and bustle of daily life and find some peace of mind

At KMC California, we offer a spiritual oasis in the heart of the city, especially with our one day Urban Getaway retreats happening every few months

Our spa-inspired postcards generate a sense of relaxation that encourages people to come.

The teachings and meditations of the Urban Getaway retreat are based on either of two Tharpa CDs: Meditations for Relaxation or Meditations for a Clear Mind

Teacher Training Program students love…

…the opportunity to guide these retreats

The schedule involves teachings, guided meditations and discussion. Our most recent one was held this month

Mostly brand new people come to these retreats and enjoy their first experience of Kadam Dharma…

…returning home refreshed and inspired, and having met new spiritual friends

As a KMC, we also have the good fortune of receiving teachings and guided meditations with guest Resident Teachers from Centers throughout California

Kelsang Tangpa (Mahamudra Buddhist Center, Redondo Beach) guided meditations at the Heart Sutra day course last summer

Kelsang Rigpa (Mahakankala Buddhist Center, Santa Barbara) guided meditations at Taming the Wild Elephant of Our Mind day course in the fall

Tessa Logan (Saraha Buddhist Center, San Francisco) guided meditations at the California Dharma Celebration in December

Gen Kelsang Atisha (Vajrarupuni Buddhist Center, San Diego) guided the Amitayus retreat in January

Angie Kane (Prajnaparamita Buddhist Center, Santa Monica) taught the True Love day course in February

And more recently, Rebecca Gauthier (Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center, Thousand Oaks) guided meditations…

…at the What is Tantra? day course with Gen-la Dekyong. Gen-la piqued the interest of new and regular students about the importance of practicing Tantra and attending Tantric empowerments offered at KMC CA and world-wide Festivals

Students filled the Meditation Room to learn the real meaning of Tantra and the great benefits of practicing the union of Sutra and Tantra purely and correctly

On March 21st, we had the opportunity to receive a Medicine Buddha Empowerment, with Gen-la Dekyong, with meditations guided by Kadam Ace Remas (Mahakaruna Buddhist Center, Petaluma) at KMC California …

…and at the end of April, at the US Festival, we look forward to Gen-la Khyenrab granting Buddha Shakyamuni Empowerment

…at the Kadampa World Peace Temple in New York

Through these special events, teachings and blessings, and our new extra large portable Festival display banner! — more students are becoming inspired to make the spiritual journey to receive Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments at our Mother Temple in the U.K. with Venerable Geshe-la

Seeing Geshe-la’s smiling face appearing so powerfully in our community room, it feels as though he’s really here with us. One can’t help but wish to meet him in person