The snow has vanished at KMC NY – giving us a chance to accomplish some projects outside

New handrails are installed beside the 21 steps. They are galvanized steel, mahogany and brass to match the materials and colors of the Temple

Look! No more snow banks, and the first blades of green grass appearing

Uh oh – we’re late! Off to Port Jervis. Follow that bus!

We are headed to the Middle School …

…to take part in their annual Health Fair

These helpful guys lend a hand to unload the car and …

… set up our table in the gymnasium beside other local organizations

The kids enjoyed looking at International NKT publicity, and asked great questions that we didn’t know the answers to. (Astral projection is a popular topic with the boys.)

This line of 8th graders devoured our free cookies and moved to the next table, where they learned about fly fishing

Wise girls, not interested in fly fishing. Back for more cookies …

… and publicity…

to bring home to parents

Back at KMC NY, many of us are making early preparations for the US Festival

Khacho does stocktaking for the Tharpa Bookshop…

…with able helpers

Wangden and Tara count Tharpa art items in the Barn kitchen

‘Don’t bother me, I’m counting books!’ (Zangmo is always counting)

Tai and Lhadron are sewing meditation cushions for children in the new Crafts Room

Gyalwang makes visitors feel welcome in the Peace Cafe

Inside the Temple, the sun is shining brightly and if feels a bit like Spring

Outside, we hear the geese overhead returning from warmer places, and the magnolia buds are waiting to open just outside Gen Samten’s window.

By the time the US Festival starts on April 23rd, it will look like this. We hope to see you!