The Snows Retreat at Tharpaland enters its third month of silence

The day starts with a beautiful snowy dawn

Even the snowdrops are buried in snow

Footprints in the snow from all the animals who also live at Tharpaland

In the first session we meditate on Lojong (training the mind)

We draw ever closer to our Spiritual Guide

Using the Offering to the Spiritual Guide sadhana in four sessions each day

At 11 O’clock Gen Tharchin introduces the next stage of the retreat

Teaching on ultimate bodhichitta,

and answering our questions…

“Everything is mere name!”

Meanwhile David and Opel prepare lunch

We eat together in harmonious silence

After lunch there is time to walk and reflect

The snow starts to melt

A perfect example of impermanence

The afternoon sunshine illuminates the beautiful, peaceful views from Tharpaland

Together with our mischevious unofficial resident

Meanwhile, our Admin Director, Maitri, can be found in her ‘unofficial residence’

In the late afternoon our EPC, Tubchen, leaves to teach the Foundation Programme in East Kilbride

Heading down the track

Saying hello to our nearest neighbours

Helping us to develop compassion

Once there everyone helps set up

Together we study ‘Eight Steps to Happiness’

Learning how to develop universal love and compassion

Back at Tharpaland as night falls, its time for the final session of the day

Meditating on emptiness and striving to realise the truth.

“Outer and inner phenomena are like illusions, like dreams, and like reflections of the moon in a clear lake, for though they appear they do not truly exist”