February began with an inspiring course on how to keep our heart commitment

FP & TTP students from around Australasia came to KMCA to inspire and learn from each other

We enjoyed extensive discussions…

… and shared our thoughts on how to flourish Kadam Dharma

Australasian Sangha enjoyed the opportunity to do Sojong together

But a week later things went awry when we spotted smoke on the horizon

Victoria was ablaze. Photo Mulherin family

The State was experiencing the worst bushfires Australia had ever seen. Photo Mulherin family

At KMCA we set up a 24 hour vigil to monitor the fire’s progress toward us…

… and began to implement our bushfire protection plan

We were very grateful we had recently given the Council permission to install a fire fighting water cylinder

Thankfully the major fires didn’t reach us but the smoke from the fires which are still burning did

Wangen, our EPC, is a member of our local volunteer fire brigade

So he joined thousands of fire fighters in their efforts to control the fires…

… which have burnt over 1 million acres

Back at KMCA, we realised we had a lot of work to do to protect the Temple if the bushfires remained on course

A team from Mahasiddha Centre in Sydney joined us…

… and we began an extensive grounds clear up project

We took down dangerous trees that hung over the Temple …

… cleared out undergrowth that would help a fire to spread

moved it all down to another part of the property

and mulched it up to remove the fire hazard

It was nice to take refreshing breaks from the hot hard work…

… but it takes a lot to stop Thubchen from turning work into play!

The Temple is now much better protected from fire…

… whilst still maintaining its natural beauty

When the fires threatened again we evacuated everyone to safety and set up a temporary office to continue flourishing Kadam Dharma.

But it wasn’t long before we returned to our beautiful Temple to resume study programmes as usual.