KMC ornaments shine in the sunset light while a quarter moon hangs in the sky

Jules enjoys helping out at the World Peace Cafe

Our admin Noreen introduces the Free Public talk at the Burke Museum

Gen Khedrub teaches while ancient creatures listen at the free public talk at the Burke Museum

Noreen explains a fearful character in her Dharma story

Children listen to teachings at the Sunday morning kid class

Noreen wears her magic storytelling hat!

Max in the hat

Gamo puts on the story hat to give Dharma advice

Kids class listens to Gamo’s anecdote

Ruby enjoys a Mighty O vegan donut

Sunday afternoon talking and coffee

Gen Khedrub answers questions after Prayers for World Peace

Post class coffee talk on Sunday

Residents eat lunch

Jules cleans up

Nuns work wirelessly on laptops delivering digital Dharma

Kelsang Rak-ma in the downstairs social area

Fred is cooking dinner in the center’s well-stocked kitchen

Kelsang Khenwang gets a day-old donut

Gen Khedrub works in his office

Buddha Shakyamuni greets all who enter

The shrine from another angle

View from in front: Vajrayogini comes to visit