The Temple is covered with tarps and scaffold

Large propane tanks keep it warm and balmy under the tarp

Here is a view of the golden windows under the tarp

The scaffold is loaded with bricks

The brick workers begin laying the Temple brick

Now the building is looking like a Temple!

Meanwhile, the elevator door has been cut out

Here is a view of the elevator pit

Bob cuts out a side door beside the elevator door

And Hank works on putting in the new staircase

The ductwork in the main room is framed out

And the glass workers begin upstairs

The first four panes of the mezzanine glass are installed

The glass is designed to light up from above and below to show the 8 auspicious signs

And Jamyang prepares some patchwork beside the golden deer

Dinner time with Andrew and Brenda after another day at the Temple

Our new resident, Kelsang Yongdzin

See you at the Canadian Kadampa Festival in April