Gen-la Dekyong, the RT, and Carlyn, the AD, decide on the theme for the February newsletter: Finding Refuge in Dharma teachings, Sangha community and living Buddha

We are adding more classes at different times of day so that more people can have the opportunity to attend

A new class on Heart Jewel book at 7:30 a.m.! Nearly 30 people find the best way to start their day & head to work with Guru Tsongkhapa at their hearts

A delicious brekky is served for those students able to linger a little longer and discuss what they’ve learned

We’ve also added classes at lunchtime – 5 days a week! Four classes are for complete beginners, based on the two new Living Meditation CD’s from Tharpa and one class follows The New Meditation Handbook

We have five Lunchtime Meditation Teachers. Gen-la Dekyong guides from the CD booklet

People enjoy generating a peaceful mind in the middle of their busy day

Nyangde guides the 21 Meditations, Lamrim

Emily is delighted to have the opportunity to learn to teach

To help build our spiritual community (Sangha) a delicious vegetarian lunch is prepared & served each day after class

It’s taken almost a year of patiently creating causes & keeping an unwavering wish for a thriving lunchtime community to appear at KMC CA. Thank you Martin!

By cooking with love, our kind volunteer chefs nourish our community and accumulate great merit. Thank you Adam…

…and Linda – who has created Raw Food Fridays (a big draw in California!)

Eating meals together like a family is an easy way to meet new friends and make spiritual connections

Sharing with each other, helping and supporting each other…

Respecting each other, cherishing each other…

Encouraging each other and learning from each other’s good example…

And there’s always room for dessert!

Understanding that all our Dharma and Sangha come from the kindness of our Spiritual Guide, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, now is the time to plan to go to meet him and make a direct heart connection

Watching the Kadampa Festival 2009 video (from in the gompa with our GP students gives great inspiration and encouragement

…and TTP & FP students draw closer to Geshe-la while watching him open KMC France (from the new KMC France DVD)and inspiring us to be part of his compassionate vision for peace throughout the world