In January, at Manjushri KMC, a one month Lamrim Retreat took place in the Kadampa Temple

It was a quiet month with time to enjoy the peace…

….and tranquility..

of this beautiful place

Time to contemplate….

….and also time still to work

Now that the Kadampa Art Studio has opened we are re-locating one of our portacabins

It will make a perfect replacement for our old paint and wood store

The workmen carefully guide the cabin into place


Meanwhile in the Temple all is quiet and peaceful

It’s time to prepare for our annual 3 day retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus

Many people helped to make special offerings for the shrine

O Buddha Amitayus….Whenever out of compassion you appear in this world …

May everything be auspicious for completing the six perfections

And may there be happiness and goodness right now