This month we redecorated our Tharpa Spain shop

The golden vinyl window display looks very nice

Especially with the Tharpa logo detail

Finally we placed the shop sign above the door

The shop sign detail close up

Julia is Tharpa Spain’s new Sales and Marketing manager

Her work is to distribute these precious books to Kadampa centres…

to individuals and to bookshops

The Kadampa Hotel cooks gathered together …

to share their recipies…

and knowledge on kitchen hygiene

Final details are applied to deserts …

which are ready to taste… what hard work!

The storm that swept the south of Spain last night forced us to call the firemen …

to cut a tree which fell down over the Hotel Kadampa bungalows while the Hotel clients were enjoying supper peacefully in the Café de la Paz

The firemen performed an excellent job

The most ancient cypress at the Hotel didn’t resist

Trunk detail

Branches accumulate at the side of the road

This tree suffered the consequences as well

This one was too young and was pulled up by its roots

Another tree which will be difficult to recover

This one will come through with time and some guide ropes that will straighten it up again

It’s a miracle that from over 150 trees on our property these strong winds only completely destroyed two!