Our 10th annual Snows Retreat began in January with 40 people from 8 different countries gathered together for three months to practice Lojong, or Training the Mind, according to Geshe-la’s summer and fall Festival teachings last year.

The journey up to the Snows Retreat

Leaving cars in the carpark… for the next few months!

Some walked up the track to Tharpaland

Others were driven up the track in Tharpaland cars

Retreaters settled into their accommodation, such as this small dorm

At the beginning there is time to get to know each other

Sharing meals…

…and cups of tea

The retreaters happily signed up for many jobs

To help the retreat run smoothly

They also kindly helped to dig the trench for the powerlines to the new foodstore

Ralph built the stairs for the new foodstore

The retreat begins,

with teachings and guided meditations from Gen Tharchin,

and the retreaters enter into silence… for the next three months!

Enjoying peaceful walks between the sessions

Behind the scenes, Opel looks after the solitary retreaters,

while David prepares a nutritious lunch,

…and our unofficial residents

raid the birdtable!

This year the Snows Retreat seems to be living up to its name,

with a winter wonderland appearing,

but doesn’t last for too long before beautiful winter sunshine returns once more

Allowing much needed food deliveries to the new foodstore

Preparations are also underway for our weekly study programmes to relocate to Dumfries…

… to a student’s house kindly offered for the duration of the Snows Retreat

Looks like we will just about fit everyone in!

Back at Tharpaland all is peaceful and quiet,

and the Snows Retreat continues until April