They say it never snows in Seattle!

Rak-ma de-ices the walk for the benefit of all

Gen Khendrub ventures out in the snow

Learning more about the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra

Children light candles on New Year’s Eve

Tamara helps Quinn light her candle

May everyone be happy in the New Year!

Kit and Angie prepare food for the New Year’s Eve party

Sunday morning receptionist, aka Kelsang Gamo, greets students

Daryle teaches Sunday morning Youth Class

Youthful meditators

Asha is learning to meditate on Daddy’s lap during the Kid’s class

Gen Khendrub answers questions after Prayers for World Peace

Will juggles toys for the kids on Sunday

World Peace Cafe Washington opens for business

Jody offers up a Mighty O vegan donut!

Enjoying a laugh at the World Peace Cafe

Mother and daughter visit the Tharpa bookstore

Sangha gather to greet newest friend

How can we tell Brady rode his bicycle to the Temple?

Rebecca serves up Sunday dinner

Gen Khendrub plays legos with Josh after dinner

Gen Khendrub teaches Buddha Dharma