January retreats at KMC NY are guaranteed to include a whole range of beautiful winter weather.

Along Clear Light Road at KMC New York, branches hang low following a late night ice storm.

An old apple tree glitters in the soft light of morning.

Everything wears a coat of ice.

Turkeys shake the ice off their feathers and are grateful for an easy breakfast of cracked corn.

Retreatants Kevin and Jolene join our KMC NY crew to sand and salt the foot paths to the Temple.

The grasses in the Temple gardens bend under the weight of ice.

A wintery view of the east side of the Temple from Clear Light road.

Driving up the road to the Top House, the Temple is still visible through the bare trees.

A close retreat is taking place in the Top House under Gen Samten’s guidance.

The road back down the hill is slick with snow and ice, but…

our 4-wheeled drive truck doesn’t mind the winter…

and our sanding team quite happily makes all the roads and paths on the ground safe for walking and driving.

Lunch is ready at the Main House, where we gather around the wood pellet stove.

The retreat guests appreciate a warm fire and our cooks’ talents.

Deerpark Oil Company keeps us toasty no matter what the weather decides to do.

The sun comes out and everything begins to sparkle.

With snow boots and ‘Yak Traks’ strapped to our shoes, the Path of Accumulation is beautiful to walk in Winter.

Temperatures rise and the ice begins to melt on the trees.

The Café is open in the Temple before the afternoon session, with inspiring views of the surrounding woods and streams.

Gen Samten guides a blissful evening meditation.

Receiving clear instructions on Lamrim….

… we meditate together on the Joyful Path.