Winter is sweet at KMC TX!

Our good friend Sangden came for a holiday visit….

driving all the way from Monterrey, Mexico!

We were very happy to have her here.

She came just in time for some special prayers made on Christmas Day…

to our precious Spiritual Guide.

Our permanent shrine will be arriving soon.

A new member to our community will also be arriving soon!

Making many beautiful offerings…

is a team effort.

Kelsang Jangchub, the newest addition to our ordained community, officiated the prayers

We dedicated all our prayers to end the suffering of others.

It’s nice to spend the holidays with good friends.

There were lots of happy faces…

Our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Jampa, led prayers on New Year’s Eve …

with 24-hour chanting to Arya Tara requesting blessings for world peace.

Some people arrived very well dressed!

Some people lasted through the whole event!

And some didn’t make it very long at all!

But, it was all smiles on New Year’s Day.

Jampa cleaned up afterwards with a smile – what a good example of a Kadampa practitioner.

After a day of rest, we gathered again to make prayers to Buddha Amitayus requesting long life and wisdom…

This is also the time of year for our annual month-long retreat. Jampa gave us a beautiful introduction.

Even with all this activity, work continues behind the scenes!

More help is appearing to prepare our new shrine…

France-Anne came all the way from Canada to help.

It looks like 2009 is going to be a sweet year!