With the intention to attain the ultimate, supreme goal that surpasses even the wish-granting jewel, may I cherish all living beings

After the beautiful Opening Ceremony of Kailash IRC we started to prepare for the Lamrim Retreat

We had a lot of laundry to do and…

the Christmas tree took a new function on the balcony…

which our dear friends appreciated very much!

The first retreaters came to Kailash IRC to gain deep familiarity with Buddha’s teachings either in strict solitary retreat or in group retreat

When we enter the Temple of Kailash IRC we are deeply inspired by the peaceful atmosphere

With a mind of deep faith many beautiful offerings and prayers are made. In this way a vast amount of good karma (good fortune) is generated which prepares the mind for successful meditations on the stages of the path.

Our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Palden, guides the beginning of a new session

Where we pray to help all sentient beings attain everlasting peace and happiness. How wonderful!

Reflecting deeply on the different stages of the path to enlightenment

Retreaters try not to forget their object of meditation during the meditation break. Taking walks…

they engage in further analytical meditation and coming to the next session their mind is even more acquainted with the object of meditation. In this way meditation session and meditation break compliment each other.

Information about other Centres is displayed at Kailash IRC

A view from outside the Temple

Early morning. The moon is still radiating light over Kailash. Fortunately our breath has not stopped over night and we have a new very precious opportunity to train our mind in all the stages of the path…

to finally attain the pure mind of a Buddha…

and help all sentient beings to attain everlasting peace and happiness. How wonderful!