It’s a New Year at KMC CA and we’re ready for change. Our bookstore, designed to serve the public and help them bring Dharma into their hearts and homes, seems too small, too dark, not very inviting…

… and there’s not much space for browsing

Coincidentally, the community room also needs some attention (not to mention a coat of paint…)

New Year’s resolution: As a Sangha community, let’s try to redesign both these spaces by moving the shop into the community room.

Step one: the idea of “slatwall” seems a good solution for adjustable shelving. Of course, Buddha gets placed first!

There are many choices for fixtures – we decide upon glass shelves and plexiglass holders of different lengths

With Gen-la Dekyong’s spiritual guidance, volunteers work to display everything mindfully and auspiciously

We are delighted that we can more effectively display to all the visitors to our Center, the many wonderful Tharpa Publication products – books, CD’s and artwork – that show the vast wealth of the Kadampa path kindly revealed by Geshe Kelsang

Audio books: the inspired solution to L.A. traffic!

Now there’s lots of room to see and enjoy exploring Geshe Kelsang’s books and other holy objects

A native California manzanita branch makes a creative display for malas

We found the perfect fixture for the 2” x 3” Deity Inspiration cards

Another meaningful display

We’re pleased with the progress so far. It’s larger, brighter & much more inviting!

These improvements are coming through kind donations arising from our “Wish-Fulfilling Tree” project

We designed cards that describe the items that we need for this and other projects

Donors pick an item they wish to sponsor (ranging from a $20 folding chair to a $1,200 computer system), sign their name on the back & hang the tag on the tree. This is fundraising made easy and gentle and it looks pretty too!

Beautifying the community room includes… a new shelving unit so everyone can find a spot for their belongings…

…and a new sitting area, cozy for Dharma chats

With Tharpa Publication’s permission we made posters of Shantideva’s greeting cards for meaningful wall decoration.

The community room has been transformed by the presence of all the Dharma in the bookstore. It feels more blessed and holy. Through Geshe-la’s blessings, joyful work and generous contributions by Kadampa practitioners – these are the results so far. We hope you like it. We love it! May all our visitors be uplifted by these improvements