During the month of December the California Dharma Celebration, was just around the corner…

It was time to beautify KMC CA for out-of-town guests.

Dedicated sangha painted the community room-on Thanksgiving Day!

With only one week to go, everyone worked late into the night.

Having just finished the ‘Bodhisattva Vow’ on Teacher Training Program, we had the opportunity to put what we learned into practice by helping to prepare for the Celebration.

A lot of energy went into getting the shop ready.

Making malas…

and filling statues.

Discovering a new way to fill many statues all at once!

Tiny picture framing required agile hands.

Training to be Bodhisattva cashiers.

Virtuous multi-tasking!

Making an effort to get the word out through publicity distribution.

Foundation Program students helped to price shop items.

Beautiful shrine cloths were sewn …

and ironed …

and tormas were made with great love.

The day before, we made our way to the venue. See the results of our joyous efforts on the CADC online presentation!