We had our last kids’ club for the year

where the kids had a great time

making pictures of flowers

and meeting Paggles – a sock puppet with an anger problem

who was delighted to receive gifts from the kids

The new throne is nearly finished

and was moved from the workshop, ready to go in the Temple

Now it’s time to start the close preparations for the Australasian Festival

Which means getting stuff out of storage…

and moving it about…

… luckily the lads like heavy work…

because there was no end of lifting to do!

But we took a break in between

while Thubchen struck a proper Ozzie pose

before putting the finishing touches on the new fences he’s built

Others helped clean up the Centre

ready to receive our Kadampa family

Palmo took special care cleaning the shrine…

while Robyn prepared statues for the shop,

Arun cleaned the Temple facade

Joanna created a beautiful garden

and our working visitor, Simon, made new beds for our guests

Even Fizz, our resident dog, turned up to help

We finished term with a delightful tsog offering to our Protector

Enjoying each other’s company after a hard day’s work

and spending meaningful time together

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at KMCA!