“Frost is on the pumpkin, and hay is in the barn…

…signs that it’s Thanksgiving weekend at KMC NY

Deer are grazing peacefully, finding refuge here during the local hunting season

Plump wild turkeys wander through too, looking for berries and corn

Chondzin and other residents prepare the Temple for the arrival of our holiday guests

Wangden offers tea to the Guru

Yvette makes water offerings to Dorje Shugden five lineages

Mike fills bowls with glass nuggets because it is a tsog day

The Gompa is now ready for our visitors!

Seasonal offerings in the café remind us to be grateful for all we are given

Veena offers a pumpkin pie to the Café, and Suma is delighted

Khacho gets down to business in the Shop, and Ven Geshe-la keeps an eye…

Time for shopping …

.… chopping (Tsoglam is now renowned for her tasty and gorgeous appetizers)…

.…and for planning the menu. (Lhadron and Zangmo received a standing ovation as our Thanksgiving chef team.)

Gen-la Dekyong, our guest Teacher for the weekend, and Kadam Morten, on retreat to prepare for an upcoming Vajrapani empowerment, chat with KMC NY nuns over lunch

The Dharma wheel in the lantern of the Temple radiates blessings across the US

Gen-la Dekyong guides a beautiful meditation on gratitude for our 50 holiday guests

Chokyi chats with new friends…

In the Peace Café, three first-time visitors sample appetizers (and some chips from the shop!)

All together we enjoy an amazing and abundant Thanksgiving feast in the Main House dining room.

Feasting is necessarily followed by large scale wash-up…

.…and a few days later, our community has the opportunity to welcome Gen Samten Kelsang, to the Temple. How fortunate we are!