Inner Peace leads to outer Peace, but

Why does Annamarie look like Geshe Langri Tangpa?

No wonder! Our Attic after the Fire Fighters left …

Even seasoned Rolf-Beat looks rather concerned and

Minche sceptical having heard the fire while asleep

No storm can affect our inner strength!

Because our EPC Claude shows a good example

Some work has to be done anyway

Marcel’s carefree laughter heals our grief

Absolutely enthusiastic Ingrid

Programs go on smoothly

Want to come on in?

Flamboyant colours on the shrine,

Ready for a day course in the meditation room

Even the translator’s eyes were glowing

When Gen Losang gave clear Dharma explanations

Who is coming home from Deutsch-Lessons like this

Are these your CDs from NKT Paris Festival?

Improvised cd burner working station in the corridor

Very concentrated our process manager Thomas

When the KMC becomes too small …

We sometimes move our Temple to a different place

Start ironing and looking undecisive for a minute only

And soon you see what plans we have

Two, three hours only – the time to build a Temple

No, Katja is not using the microphone for singing

A few last touches only by Kelsang Jigkyob

This is what Rolf-Beat likes most: Tharpa matters

And everybody is ready, awaiting the guests

And Miriam feels: How wonderfull!

Evening comes over the Lake of Zurich

Do you hear the clatter of the cooking pots?

A bit tired having eaten quitely the ones

A mischievous gleam in their eyes the others

Do you recognize Ven. Geshe-la’s smile?

Illusions wherever you look in this world

Time to take a nap?

No! It only starts

Soon the introduction will begin for Margrit and others

The Admin Director is with us for a while

Next morning it goes on with daylight

Gen Losang singing the Liberating Prayer in German

No, Markus is not offering the Serkyem

Losang reliably being an example for going for refuge

This has to be noted immediately (Kelsang Lachpa’s)

Losang wanted us to be brave and really look at it

As does the tiny fly on the cloth of the shrine!

And you as well …

Gen Losang is granting us Ven. Geshe-la’s Teachings from 94

To really understand, why we need to go for refuge

By understanding, everything is light and easy in the end

How wonderfully Losang understands to loosen our knots!

And more and more realize the illusions in our worlds

Having done this deeply;

We become happier, day by day, every moment!