Work continues this month at KMC TX

The ceiling of the meditation room is still forming

New lights are going in, and the fire sprinklers are being moved

Working in the garden is always nice

Guilding is fun too!

The roof will shine with these gold beams

Now we need to create a base…

to mount the vajras to the roof

It sure is a peaceful up here

Some of the larger shrubs will have to go

We will need some master gardners for this job

I’ve got a good idea

Remove it Texas style!

You can do anything with a truck

Well, maybe not

Some traditional methods still work better

We’re getting good at this

Wrap them up nicely

Now they are safe from the painting outside

Everything will need to be protected

You better not get ANY paint on Buddha

There’s alot of wall to paint

Let’s take a peek at what changes happened while we were at the festival in Paris

A ceiling finally appears!

The new ceiling looks like a starry sky

The mood lighting is beautiful

This office is starting to feel cramped!

Don’t worry….

the new office is almost done

Who picked out the green carpet

Anybody want to do some more moving

Everyone needs to help

The new office looks very nice

That’s much better

See what work we get up to next month

Maybe a shrine cabinet will appear!