It is a time of change at Manjushri KMC

Spot the difference! We are already preparing for the spring and Summer Festivals 2009

Making some more space on the lawn and restoring the view from the cafe

Change is taking place inside the building too. What’s going on here?

Yonten our electrician has been very busy . . .

. . .keeping everyone safe at MKMC is a big job

Tharpa UK has outgrown its office..

So we prepared a new one

Nearly ready!

A smooth move into the new Tharpa Office was achieved and everyone went straight back to work

Meanwhile we have an empty office!

Robin, the man behind the mouse, has moved to the old Tharpa Office which is now the new Kadampa Communications Office. Confused?

No need to be. No change in the North Wing Meditation Room. We always need to rely on our precious Spiritual Guide and collect merit through Mandala Offering Retreat