Even at night, Buddha quietly blesses us in the KMC courtyard

What’s there to do after work on Friday? Attend a Dharma talk in downtown Seattle!

Kadampa kids learning to make suffering cease

Little ones show their understanding of the Liberating Prayer

Kelsang Gamo, aka Lam Chung, prepares the temple for the Vajrasattva empowerment

Gamo instructs Jeff in purification

Carol gets the bookstore ready for Vajrasattva empowerment

Sadhanas, malas and statues of Vajrasattva for purification practice at home

The empowering shrine of Vajrasattva

Gen Khedrub explains how to purify our negative karma

Vajrasattva’s assistant

Dedicating our virtue

Video feed provides access for parents with small children

Portland Mahasiddha Resident Teacher Heather Rocklin guided the Vajrasattva meditation

Dharma goes across the water to the Bellevue branch

Bookshop in the Bellevue branch social room