What’s happening this month at 1492 Blake Avenue?

Come on in and check it out!

Our young neighborhood friends help prepare for a day course

Turning Hollywood set designing skills into a virtue

Trina contemplates checking out the peace garden for some more beautiful California flowers

That’s a nice option, or how about…

these gorgeous bougainvillea!

Painting the step under careful supervision

Allison & Nathan spiffing up the fence of our peace garden

It’s Dechok rustling through the bamboo, looking for the perfect photo!

Gen-la Dekyong and Carlyn, our AD, doing some essential research for the upcoming California DC

Tharpa order just arrived – Belinda’s Field of Merit

The melodious sound of Kadam Dharma

Listening is our best friend from whom we receive our best advice

Enjoying sangha friendship in the fall California sunshine

Join us for breakfast on the patio

Gary’s sure to make a mean batch of blueberry pancakes!

make that blueberry and lime pancakes please!

shoes! A correct sign…

of fortunate Kadampas sowing the seeds of happiness…

in the field of all enlightened beings

from dawn…

until dusk. What a meaningful life!

It is indeed the Joyful Path, thank you Geshe-la!