KMC Spain’s branch in Granada has found a place for its activities

It is very central – only 5 minutes from the railway and bus stations

The place was in ruins and required a lot of work

How wonderful! A great opportunity to purify and accumulate merit

The building materials start to arrive

We need to change the tiles in the bathroom and install a shower

The temple walls and floor also need a lot of changes

Pepe has organised all the building work

All the rebuilding has been done by kadampa volunteers..

….who have used their weekends…

….to make progress in this precious project

We need to rewire the entire place

The sink is already finished

And the bathroom is almost ready

Final touches

We even managed to organize a puja during all the work

The place has been totally transformed

We start decorating the different rooms

The center will have a reading and living room,

a place with chairs and tables to have a drink,

and, of course, a meditation room

The official opening will be 11 October. – Everybody is welcome!