Fall is in the air at KMC NY

Working guests make the grounds ready for the Northeast Dharma Celebration, which is just two weeks away!

Star and Palona lend their ‘green thumbs’ to make the Temple gardens beautiful

Bella has shed almost all her brown summer coat. She wonders if Star has just planted anything tasty

Bella is much more interested in a few bits of corn than in playing with Lucky the cat

Lisa gives in to Lucky’s demands. Keeping Lucky entertained and away from chipmunks requires the entire Tharpa office team and at least one working visitor

The Main House Garden Goddess is adorned with September morning glories

The gold glass in the Temple windows reflects cool autumn clouds

In the back corridor of the Temple, a special art project is underway

Gyaltsen sizes flames for the Five Lineages statues that the KMC NY art team is preparing for KMC Germany

Tharchog oversees the statue work beautifully. Dorje Shugden was completed in late July and offered to Venerable Geshe-la at the Summer Festival

Very wrathful Karma Shugden, riding a garuda

Ratna Shugden, riding a palomino and adorned with jewels

Vairochana Shugden, stunning and nearly complete

Pama Shugden, in progress

The Five Lineage Statues greet residents and guests as they circumambulate. Everyone enjoys watching the artists’ progress

Suma really enjoys keeping the Temple café in order

Tharchog applies the power of rejection, well earned!

See you at the Northeast Dharma Celebration, Oct 3-5. Register and we’ll save you a seat! :-)