Everyone is welcome to the Northwest Dharma Celebration at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington

Buddhas making room for all sentient beings to attend the NWDC

NW Sangha enjoying NWDC together, a great assembly of monks…and nuns

A thousand million offerings to Manjushri

Gen-la sharing Shantideva’s advice during the NWDC

Gen Khedrub teaches how to be a piece of wood

Our bookshop – a treasure of good fortune

Tushita cafe – what is Seattle without coffee?

From all angles, a comfy room for guests at KMC WA

Behind the iron fence, the steps to the palace

Offerings to the Wisdom Buddha

Everyone gathers for the production of Chandragomin’s refuge video

Young Kadampas learn to have a peaceful mind

A banquest of delight with KMC WA meal program