We’ve been busy this week at KMC California….

…an oasis in the heart of Los Angeles, a city of 11,000,000 people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet them all? (photo by Bureau of Reclamation)

How will we do this??

What a blessed idea…why not invite them all to 3 Public Talks at well-known venues throughout the city?!

What a huge field of merit- 20,000 postcards to be distributed in an instant!

With joy in their hearts, Nyangde and Keli emerge from KMC CA ready to give Dharma to the masses.

Caroline appears from the Dharma house, embarking upon this highly virtuous mission.

Our EPC, Dechok, and partner in publicity, Sharon, discover the hottest spots in town.

And meanwhile, Carlyn, our AD, sorts through piles of files…the venue contracts must be somewhere!

Three talks, all in one week! We need a good sound guy. It’s a job for Bob!

Hank and Rosa Linda know what it takes to make the place gorgeous, darling…

and Rak-ma has setting up the shrine down to an art. Hey Bob, don’t you have a sound system to set up?

Our Teacher, Gen-la Dekyong, arrives ready to give the best gift – Kadam Dharma.

The first talk was entitled- “Learning to Meditate, Finding Peace in a Troubled World”.

Talk 2 was “Freedom to Change-Overcoming Anger and Other Negative Habits of Mind”.

Talk 3 was “The Path to Happiness- An Introduction to Buddhist View, Meditation and Action”.

Over 300 new people came and listened with their hearts, drinking in the medicine of Dharma.

Dispelling the darkness of ignorance…

and bringing the light of wisdom into their lives.

After each talk, people enthusiastically discussed Dharma…

putting the teachings into practice by cherishing others…

and making special connections.

Many left with not only treasures in their hearts, but Kadampa books in their hands.

Through our virtuous efforts this week, may our meditation room…

be filled with people discovering the path to permanent happiness!

Thank you Geshe-la for giving us this wonderful opportunity to give Dharma!