The walls between some of the rooms are finished.

On the top floor we changed the wooden floor that was creaking too much.

The Swiss way of fixing a wash-basin!

Lukas our tiler from Vairochana Zentrum at work

Making sure the tiles will fit.

The ‘freshly made’ kitchen floor . . .

. . . and the cooking stove waiting for being mounted.

Bjorn’s outfit was appropriate for visiting the notary but maybe not quite for helping out at Kailash!

The kitchen being installed . . .

. . . and the result in red . . .

. . . and white.

Mila came from England to fill our Buddha statue.

She seems to love the view.

Mila at work.

Mila and Yolanda who will be gilding the Buddha statue.

Mila fixing the stupa.

Yolanda’s fingers are not only agile when cleaning the Buddha . . .

. . . but also when preparing nice Swiss chocolate for the break!

The stupa had to be refilled.

Over Easter it snowed heavily in Switzerland.

Easter at Kailash.

Swiss Easter bunnies ;-)

Starting with the scaffolding after Easter and good news for people who don’t like the sun – ever!

And snow again.

While inside the old doors and frames have been removed.

The new metal door frames are being installed.

What a mess again!

Palden helping with the door frames – he has many skills.

The work is done and it looks already quite clean again.

Now as the weather and temperature are good it is time for the new roof.

Don’t worry, the lorry won’t be put on the roof – just the material.

This time our order for the blue sky worked.

And once again precision work from the helicopter crew . . .

. . . to put the material on the roof . . .

. . . and not to crash into the chimney.

Sepp Karlen our roofer with the beautiful old stones that will be replaced on the roof.

Palden on top of Kailash.

The new skylight for one of the top rooms.

View from the village to Kailash . . .

. . . and from the roof to the village.

Yolanda has many talents. . .

. . . and Palden mutates slowly into a Swiss making the famous rösti . When you visit Switzerland you must be sure to try this dish!