White Tara Empowerment in May at KMC WA

Gen Khedrub granting the empowerment

Crown blessing during the White Tara empowerment

White Tara shrine

White Tara offerings

White Tara empowerment shrine offerings

Stewards for the empowerment

Empowerment shrine

Empowerment Tormas

One More of the whole shrine

Heather Rocklin, RT from Mahasiddha Buddhist Center leads the final puja and meditation

Heather reviewing the teachings

It was a beautiful and powerful day

On NKT Day, KMC WA hosted a day class called ‘Heart Jewel Nectar’

Tamara Cartwright, a student on TTP, leads the meditations

On May 14 and 15 many KMC WA students celebrated Buddha’s Enlightenment Day with a fasting and purification retreat