In recent weeks, a vast amount of meaningful activity continued…

The future Vajrayogini Meditation Room has been prepared – here, sanding the door –

‘Action painter’ Kelsang Jampel paints windows and cases

The shrine cabinet from England is assembled, with the kind help of Gen Ananda’s father

The Buddhas who moved from Berlin are being re-dressed

Alex and ‘his two sons’ fix the shrine’s final sheet of glass

And Je Tsongkhapa finally has come to reside at our Tushita-like KMC Germany…

…Ready to listen to our prayers

Also the floors for the future residential rooms have been sanded, oiled and waxed…

And beautiful parquet appears again

Furniture has been assembled…

And eight very comfortable Kadampa rooms are now furbished

At our our future main Meditation Room, paint removal is completed

And re-painting walls and ceiling is under way

New Meditation Room windows are replacing the old ones, which are in bad condition

The plumber completed his job – with Yorkshire copper pipes, of course

Also the new fire water pond has been excavated

And by now is half-filled with water

The two lorries with which our Berlin city Centre was moved to the KMC last weekend

With many helping hands, the Centre removal was magically accomplished in one day

After a few hours of chaos…

… the KMC starts looking habitable again

Except for the office – right now located in the basement electricity room where our EPC continues

The KMC Community wishes you a happy NKT Day and says Thank you for all NKT-ITP support