KMC attends the fair Lebenskraft . . .

. . . a big event that takes place every year in Zurich.

Books in German from Ven. Geshe-la

Franco facing us organised the event.

and Gyalchog gave three teachings during the weekend.

Easter at KMC – Rolf-Beat seems to be looking for Easter eggs . . .

. . . and found Buddha Statues – they just arrived from Nepal.

Claude helped Rolf-Beat to unpack the statues.

Don’t we look pretty and welcoming!

Try to figure out what has arrived from Nepal.

Beautiful Buddhas, malas, mandala kits etc.

If you would like to see the faces you need to . . .

. . . come to the Swiss Dharma Celebration where we will sell the statues, . ..

. . . or visit Centro Menla in Ticino in a few weeks where some of the Buddhas will move to.

Blue sky, no rain so time for garden work.

The wall on the left side needs to be finished.

And Philip is taking care of it – at the back a new building is arising.

Philip in action . . .

. . . putting the stone in the right place

and fixing it.

Now the soil won’t fall onto our neighbour’s property anymore.

View from the office – easy for the Admin to check what is being done.

Katja helping Philip to gather the leaves . . .

. . . that should have been done in Autumn. Better late than never.

Finally our garden and the wall look nice and clean.

After work some of the residents enjoying delicious sweets and coffee in our world peace cafe.

You may wonder where our Teacher is . . .

. . . in Moscow granting a Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment and Mahamudra teachings over Easter.

Bjorn guiding the retreat

Alex the branch teacher and Kelsang Denyi a Russian living in Germany visiting the Kremlin.

Bjorn and some of the Russian students.

Goodbye from the garden and the KMC.