Spring is coming to KMC NY. The snow is gone…

We planted 3000 bulbs last fall …

…for everyone to enjoy.

Sorry, Bella, they are supposed to be ‘deer-resistant.’

Inside the Temple ….

…the Tengyur Cabinet has arrived in pieces to be assembled.

Last newsletter, we saw these carvings done by Larry and Andres.

Here is one installed in the shelf.

The shelf and cabinet frame sit in Larry’s workshop.

The doors in the cabinets will include guilded lotuses.

Larry and Andres assemble the base.

Andres holds a panel in place.

With the shelf on the cabinet, we can begin to see the scale!

Larry assembles the outer cabinet.

The outer cabinet, crown and Tengyur shelf …

Here is a detail of the crown and carved letters… symbols and guilding to come.

The base is ready for color matching and gold symbols.

The Tengyur cabinet will be finished to match the shrine – ready for the US Festival!

Meanwhile … something mysterious in happening at the pond.

It has been slowly sinking!

In early March, water began to appear beside the spillway …

We discovered the leak began in a groundhog burrow!

Here is the culprit!

See you in April for Dorje Shudgen empowerment with Gen-la Khyenrab. No snow, we promise!