Beautiful snows blanket the Temple and grounds during retreat month.

Twenty minutes away in Port Jervis, two KMC NY students are working on a very auspicious project – the cabinet to hold the Teachings of Buddha in the Temple

After cleaning the shop and assembling materials, Larry and Andres shape the basis of the cabinet

This is the back side of crown basis

The crown pattern is drawn onto the cherry wood, and the first cuts are made.

When the intricate cutting is complete, Andres sands the crown and refines the edges.

The center area of each symbol is recessed to hold gilded auspicious symbols and other ornaments

Here the symbols are inset to check their fit.

The crown piece is darkened and its base is assembled.

The beautiful tierra that will sit above the holy text is nearly complete, except for color match

Andres, a resident at KMC NY for 2 years, glues and clamps a side section.

Larry, an FP student at KMC NY and woodworker by trade, assembles the center section at his shop

The back walls stand upright, at roughly the finished angle of the cabinet.

Two carved dharma wheels will adorn the side cabinets. Bores and first cuts are shown.

Larry and Andres carve the dharma wheels slowly by hand.

Edges are smoothed and refined, and the dharma wheels are ready for mounting.

Meanwhile, back at the Temple, a different sort of building is taking place.