It is now winter at KMC Germany . . .

. . . but construction work progresses continually

Our new heating system magically started working . . .

Controlled by what our plumber calls ‘its brain’

The room temperature allows wood filling and painting work to go ahead . .

. . . which is one of the major jobs of our voluntary workers

Fortunately, there is plenty to be done!

A new emergency stairway from the top floor needed construction

For this purpose a mold was made . .

. . . to be filled with concrete . . .

. . . which was pumped into the building from the outside . . .

. . . all under the supervision of our architect (right)

Old wastewater pipes needed replacing by new ones

New sanitary facilities are being installed

In the basement, a new storage area is under preparation – so Tharpa Germany can soon move in

In the meantime our home grown Christmas tree gives a sense of cosiness . . .

. . .to tune in with the Christmas mood in the city