In September, eight auspicious symbols arrived from Manjushri KMC in England

Kelsang Droljang, one of the Canadian Kadampa artists

Templates are made of the symbols before they are gilded

Templates are made of the symbols before they are gilded

These templates will be used to prepare the location of the gilded symbol when it is ready to go up on the Temple



Kelsang Denpa, another artist has come from Kingston to help

Catherine, another Kadampa artist

Gilding is done in one of the residences – set up to be a studio

The finished symbols are left in a warm dry place to cure

They will cure for about 2 months before going on the exterior of the Temple

The Dharma wheel


Every Saturday work day includes a good lunch for volunteers. If you are in Toronto on a Saturday, come help out for the day and stay for lunch. Work starts at 8:30am every Saturday and goes to around 4pm

This Dharma Residence along with our current residence across the street, will provide accommodation for students of the Centre as well as for visiting Centres and for those who wish to do some retreat. We will have very comfortable dorm rooms available in each of the houses from January onwards, and single rooms