The demolition company puts a 4-tonne skip outside the temple.

Alfredo, the supervisor.

First thing to go is the stage. This will be removed and the floor re-enforced to support the shrine..

There is nothing below the stage except for the boiler room and kitchen ceiling..

Scaffolding is erected to remove the wood cladding from the beams.

The trusses are steel underneath the wood cladding.

The cladding is handed down carefully so the wood floor is not damaged. The floor will be pulled up and re-layed in the social area downstairs.

Although the trusses are steel, the beams (along the length of the building) are boxed wood, encased in wood cladding.

The steel trusses joined to the beam.

The roof over the future shrine.

The trusses uncovered.

Here is the future shrine. The ceiling has been removed above the stage.

This is the foyer or main entrance to the Temple. The desk is still there because it was too large to get through the door of the small room it was in.

These stairs will go up to the second meditation room, currently a mezzanine.

The view from the shrine. Buddha is in the crate to the right of the photo.

The demolition will be finished by August 15. Over the next few weeks the wood floor in the meditation room will be removed by volunteers and stored. It will be laid in the basement in the fall.

During August, engineers will be drawing out structural, mechanical and electrical plans for structural and heating systems. As soon as the plans have been approved and permits obtained, we will begin to build the Temple.

On August 15, CKMCC is purchasing another Dharma House across the street from the current Dharma House and a few blocks away from the Temple. Our next newsletter will have pictures of the new house and our renovations there.