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Swiss Dharma Celebration 2008 ~ Review

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At this year’s 8th Swiss Dharma Celebration 150 Kadampa practitioners coming from all over Switzerland gathered together to enjoy four days of teachings and meditation. The Swiss Sangha, speaking four different languages, German, French, Italian and English, met and enjoyed being together in the beautiful surroundings of Boldern high above the lake of Zurich.

Kadam Björn Clausen, the Swiss National Spiritual Director, began the Celebration by giving teachings explaining the suffering and illusory nature of our samsara. The teachings highlighted the importance of developing wisdom and compassion in order to liberate ourselves and others. This introduction was followed by the empowerment of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion. In further teachings Kadam Bjorn presented us with an inspiring vision of abandoning the endless cycle of our samsara and actually achieving liberation and Buddhahood through the practice of Avalokiteshvara. Guided meditations after each teaching were led by Gen Gyalchog.

The Dharma Celebration felt very blessed and joyful and we received lots of inspiration for our spiritual practice. Consequently, with deepening appreciation for our good fortune in having met the priceless Kadam Dharma and with heartfelt gratitude towards Ven. Geshe-la’s kindness in giving this Dharma to us, the Swiss students ended the festival with special dedications for the long life of our spiritual Guide, Ven. Geshe-la.

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