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Kadampa Summer Festival 2013 Shared - Introduction

Friday 26th of July was the beginning of the 22nd annual NKT-IKBU Summer Festival at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre (Manjushri KMC) in the UK.

Around 2,500 people will gather to enjoy these two weeks where they will receive teachings, enjoy time to contemplate the meaning of these teachings and have many opportunities to engage in meditations on the teachings guided by qualified Kadampa teachers. We can also enjoy spiritual friendship, relaxation, and the beautiful environment of the English Lake District.

The teachings in week one will be the three principle aspects of the path given by Gen-la Dekyong the General Spiritual Director and which are the basis for receiving the empowerments and teachings in week two of the Highest Yoga Tantra practices of Heruka and Vajrayogini, given by Gen-la Kunsang the Deputy Spiritual Director. All these precious teachings come from Je Tsongkhapa’s Ganden Oral lineage. Many people have made a special effort to receive these teachings, coming from 30 countries around the world. Some coming to Manjushri KMC for the first time, others happily reuniting with friends they’ve made from previous visits. The residents and working visitors at Manjushri KMC have the grounds and buildings looking their best.

As evening sets in, the first event of the Festival begins with an introduction by Gen Jampa the national spiritual director of USA. His inspired talk explained the special power of coming together in such an international gathering and how to get the most benefit from the time spent here. He reminded us that this is not an ordinary holiday, and that if we wish we can leave the Festival carrying more peaceful minds and special insights that will continue to help and protect us long after we return home.

Now the first day draws to a close, a wonderful Festival environment has arisen again in the English Lake District, and those assembled are eager and ready for the teachings by Gen-la Dekyong that will begin tomorrow.

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