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Spanish DC 2008

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The Spanish Costa del Sol shined in a special way during the weekend of 5th – 8th of December. One hundred and fifty people gathered in the Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga for the Spanish Dharma Celebration led by the NKT National Spiritual Director of Spain, Gen Kelsang Chokga, who granted the empowerment of the Wisdom Buddha, Dorje Shugden. The blessings of this Deity help us to protect our realizations of wisdom and compassion and to overcome obstacles which prevent our spiritual development. Gen Chokga delighted us with clear and profound teachings about the practice of Buddhist refuge, the supreme method for protecting ourselves from suffering. Each morning Gen Kelsang Rigden, the Resident Teacher at KMC Spain, guided meditations based on the teachings we had received and on Saturday evening he answered questions about the practice with good humor and lucidity.

The Spanish Kadampa Temple for World Peace is located within the land of the precious Hotel Kadampa, a quiet place situated in a natural environment so beautiful that in the Middle Ages the Spanish Moorish called it ‘The Garden of God’. As well as having the precious opportunity to enjoy meditating and listening to Dharma teachings, the attendees could relax by either taking a walk, having a drink in the Café de la Paz or visiting the Tharpa Spain shop. During this Celebration everyone volunteered some of their time to engage in voluntary work during which they also enjoyed meeting with old friends and making new ones; in this way these days also became a celebration of Sangha friendship.

To strengthen our inner experience of peace and to deepen our realizations of the profound teachings given during this weekend, a guided meditation retreat concluded the Celebration.

We feel very fortunate to have been able to meet together at this Spanish Dharma Celebration. We would like to thank our Spiritual Guide, the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, for his great kindness to provide us with this huge opportunity. We hope to be able to return his kindness with a sincere practice of these precious teachings. We want to thank also the teachers, organizers, attendees and all the people who made this Celebration possible. May we help all beings with our merit so that they may be liberated permanently from suffering, dispelling their ignorance with the light of wisdom.

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