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Southern German Dharma Celebration 2008 ~ Review

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This year’s Southern German Dharma Celebration took place in the beautiful city of Freiburg, famous for its medieval cathedral and just at the edge of the Black Forest. It was hosted by the dedicated Sangha community of Mamaki-Zentrum. A very comfortable and modern hostel served as venue. Being just outside the city between a river and the scenic forest, it was the perfect environment for a meaningful holiday. The Celebration’s subject was ‘spiritual power’. Gen Kelsang Ananda, National Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU in Germany and Resident Teacher of KMC Germany, granted the empowerment and commentary to the practice of Buddha Vajrapani.

The Celebration started with Kelsang Shenyen, Resident Teacher of Mamaki-Zentrum, giving an introductory talk and strongly encouraging everyone to abandon their outer and inner obstacles. Meditations were led by Shenyen and Manijeh Bitaref. In his teachings, Gen Ananda pointed out again and again what we all know so well but tend to forget so easily: Our actual obstacles are the inner enemies of our own delusions. He encouraged us to reduce and finally abandon delusion by learning to enjoy the space of emptiness. Empowered by Vajrapani’s blessings everyone left happy and confident to try and stand up against their inner enemies next time they are about to manifest in our mind.

All those who had come from various parts of Germany enjoyed a very relaxed and blessed spiritual holiday. The weather conditions were perfect – warm and sunny, and ideal for talks and walks together with Sangha friends. Only the famous Black Forest gateau was lacking! We all felt extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to share such a meaningful weekend together – bringing more spiritual power back home.

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