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Over a very cold but bright December weekend, 140 people gathered together in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh for the third Scottish Dharma Celebration (SDC). People from throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond came to receive profound blessings & pure Dharma teachings.

The Celebration centred around the blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification, together with practical advice on how to purify negativity and achieve lasting peace of mind and happiness.

Vajrasattva’s peaceful purity pervaded the 200 year old school hall which was an elegant yet cosy environment for the weekend. The venue was in the very heart of Edinburgh so everyone was able to enjoy this historic and lively city, discussing Dharma over lunch or taking a walk in the nearby Botanical gardens or along the Water of Leith.

The SDC was the conclusion to a wonderful year of Dharma in Edinburgh which saw the founding of a beautiful residential Dharma Centre after many years of classes in different venues throughout the city. The residents of Mahabodhi Centre, together with those who’ve worked so hard over the years to develop Kadampa Buddhism in Edinburgh were delighted to witness this maturing of Dharma in the capital of Scotland.

All hands were ‘on deck’ on Friday evening setting up stunning shrines and transforming classrooms into a lovely cafe & shop in record time (we only had access to the venue 3hrs before Gen-la’s introduction!)

Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, Deputy Spiritual Director of the NKT, granted the beautiful blessing empowerment of Solitary Vajrasattva and gave a powerful and practical commentary to the practice of purification.

Kelsang Devi, the Resident Teacher at Mahabodhi Buddhist Centre in Edinburgh, guided the morning meditations clearly and insightfully, deepening our experience of the teachings.

As Scotland is also home to Tharpaland International Retreat Centre, the Dharma Celebration will be followed by a special opportunity to take the blessings and teachings from the weekend deeply into our heart with a week-long silent retreat led by Venerable Tharchin.

We dedicate for the very long life of our precious Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe-la who made all of this possible and especially that through the power of this Celebration and Vajrasattva’s purifying blessings, all obstacles to the flourishing of Kadam Dharma in Edinburgh, in Scotland and throughout the world will be completely pacified, that all conflict and suffering will cease and there will be an enduring world peace.

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