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North East US Dharma Celebration 2008 ~ Review

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On October 3-5, a recent glorious fall weekend in upstate New York, 375 people gathered at the US Kadampa World Peace Temple for the Northeast Dharma Celebration. Gen-la Dekyong, US National Spiritual Director, granted the empowerment of Green Tara, the Buddha of swift compassionate action, and gave beautiful teachings on Tara Powa practice using The Path to Heaven prayers. Gen Tenzin, Resident Teacher at Odiyana Buddhist Center in Connecticut, energetically introduced the event, and Kadam Nick from Drolma Buddhist Center led sublime meditations.

Guru Arya Tara’s bright and joyful blessings were obviously everywhere. The Temple was surrounded by the brilliant reds and yellows of autumn, eagles soared on deliciously fresh breezes, and wild geese called out in the distance. Those attending clearly appreciated the beauty of the KMC New York’s colorful walking trails, pond and grounds, and found many opportunities to relax and reflect in nature. Old and new spiritual friends also enjoyed spending time together in the Green Tea Room hosted in the Main House by Chakrasambara Buddhist Center, as well as in the Temple World Peace Café, Shop and Tharpa Bookstore. The vegan meals lovingly prepared by our exceptional NEDC cooking team and served in our cozy dining marquee received 5-star reviews.

We are so happy and grateful as a region to have been able to host and attend the NEDC. How fortunate we are to have received the beautiful gift of Kadam Dharma from the hearts of our three kind Teachers, and to have shared this joyful time together as Kadampa family. We also rejoice deeply that our participation in this event, from which so many received direct benefit, will also support the International Temples Project, building Temples dedicated to peace around the world to fulfill Venerable Geshe-la’s compassionate vision.

After the weekend concluded, some stayed on to gain practical experience of the teachings with Gen Norden, new Resident Teacher at KMC New York, as she lead a beautiful two day Tara Powa retreat.

With heartfelt thanks to our supreme Spiritual Guide, to everyone who made an offering of service in planning and running the NEDC and the retreat that followed, and to everyone who attended, we look forward to seeing you again soon at KMC New York.

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