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Seasonal Presentation from the Children at KMC Washington

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Once Tara manifested as an island called Chandradeva to help a man called Chandragomin. Chandragomin was very handsome and a highly respected scholar. A princess called Tara fell in love with him and so her father ordered him to marry her. At first he accepted, but later he began to feel uneasy because his own personal Deity was Tara and he felt it would be inappropriate to marry a princess by the same name. When he refused to marry the princess, her father became enraged and he commanded his men to throw Chandragomin into the river Ganges. As he was being swept away, Chandragomin went for refuge to Tara and prayed to her. In response, Tara manifested as an island and received him onto her shores. Chandragomin lived there for a long time and built a temple. Today there is quite a big town on the island, but ordinary people see the island as an ordinary place and do not realize that it was manifested by Tara, for such a thing is beyond their comprehension.

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