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2007 California Dharma Celebration

California Tara

The 2007 California Dharma Celebration will be held in Los Angeles December 28 – January 1.

Gen-la Dekyong will give the empowerment of Arya Tara and teachings on Advice from Atisha’s Heart.

On the evening of 31st there will be a New Year’s Eve buffet dinner followed by a special prayer ceremony to bring in the New Year.

Join like-minded friends from throughout the US (including Buddhist monks and nuns) for holiday weekend festivities designed to make the coming year meaningful. This celebration will offer you practical and inspiring guidance on how to live well, with joy and purpose.

By taking Buddha’s timeless advice to heart and improving your love for others, you can solve your problems and come to realize your full spiritual potential! Make this New Year the start of an extraordinary journey towards lasting happiness for yourself and others.

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