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Southwest US Dharma Celebration 2008

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It was a very auspicious weekend at Kadampa Meditation Center Texas February 8-10, with the 2008 Southwest US Dharma Celebration. Held in the Texas temple, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong granted Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment and gave teachings on Wisdom and Compassion.

People attended the event throughout the weekend with students from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. Each of the centers worked together to organize this beautiful event.

The celebration began on Friday, February 8th with a Public Talk called Courageous Compassion given by Gen Kelsang Gomlam, Resident Teacher of KMC New Mexico. Using Venerable Geshe-la’s inspiring words from Transform Your Life, she reminded us of the benefits of compassion and encouraged us to try and improve this altruistic mind.

Saturday was a very powerful day starting with a meditation on compassion led by Kelsang Jampa, Resident Teacher at KMC Texas. After a short break, everyone filed back into the temple to receive the special blessing empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa. Gen-la Dekyong explained who Je Tshongkhapa is and why our Spiritual Guide, the Wisdom Buddha, is so important for our spiritual life. After the empowerment everyone enjoyed lunch, the beautiful sunny weather and clear skies, as they relaxed on the temple lawn. In the afternoon in her commentary entitled The Great Kindness, Gen-la explained how we can continually receive the blessings and guidance of Guru Tsongkhapa by relying upon him and his emanations, especially by practicing Heart Jewel Prayers. This inspiring day was completed with Wishfulfilling Jewel Prayers with tsog in front of the temple’s new Dorje Shugdan Five Lineages statues.

Sunday morning February 10th, Kelsang Jampa guided us all in the special meditation taught by Venerable Geshe-la to practice with our daily practice of Heart Jewel Prayers. Then, many people arrived to hear a very powerful and moving teaching given by Gen-la Dekyong in Prayers for World Peace called The Wisdom Way. She explained how by improving our wisdom, we can develop peace in our minds and thereby peace in the world. The entire assembly then prayed and dedicated their virtues to the happiness and peace of all living beings. To finish off this profound weekend, everyone engaged in Offering to the Spiritual Guide Prayers. It was a lovely puja and very blessed weekend.

Please enjoy the pictures of the Celebration.

May everyone enjoy the same good fortune of experiencing these amazing events!


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