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Mahamudra is the very essence of Buddha’s teachings. It is an extremely profound subject and to understand it clearly and practice it correctly it is necessary to receive empowerment and instructions from a qualified Spiritual Guide.

The term ‘Mahamudra’ is Sanskrit. ‘Maha’ means ‘great’ and refers to great bliss, and ‘mudra’ here means ‘non-deceptive’ and refers to emptiness. Mahamudra is the union of great bliss and emptiness.

Mahamudra Tantra is defined as a mind of fully qualified clear light that experiences great bliss and realizes emptiness directly. Actual Mahamudra is necessarily a realization of Highest Yoga Tantra.

Mahamudra Tantra is a single mind that is both bliss and wisdom: it experiences great bliss and realizes emptiness directly. It is a collection of merit that is the main cause of a Buddha’s Form Body, and a collection of wisdom that is the main cause of a Buddha’s Truth Body, or Dharmakaya.

When we train in the meditations of Mahamudra Tantra we are transforming our continuously residing body and mind into a Buddha’s Form Body and Truth Body. Mahamudra Tantra, therefore, gives inconceivable meaning to our life.

For more information on Mahamudra, see the book Mahamudra Tantra.


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