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Gründer ~ Der Ehrwürdige Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Das Kadampa Kunstprojekt

Geshe Kelsang has encouraged his students to train in all the essential disciplines of Buddhist art, ensuring that a pure tradition will be passed onto future generations.

From the fine art of painting images of Buddhas to statue making and constructing intricate mandalas, Kadampa students around the world are learning and mastering essential techniques of Buddhist art.

The Studio at the Mother Center

The first Kadampa Studio was established by Geshe Kelsang at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre (MKMC). The studio makes many of the statues and adornments in the Kadampa Temples around the world.

In November 2007 work will begin on a 20-week project to construct a large custom-built studio in the grounds of MKMC.

The studio will include specially designed areas for:

There will also be warehousing and storage areas for the molds and other materials.

Keep up with developments

A photo news section charting the progress of the studio will be available from December 2007.

There will also be video presentations showing the work of the artists at the studio.

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