The Canadian National Temple is moving from Mississauga to Toronto. The first stage of the move was bringing the Buddhas down off the shrine, packing and storing them safely, and moving the Temple into storage unitil December.

May 12 was the day chosen to take the Buddhas off the shrine. The day before, two genie lifts, 40 sheets of plywood, several sheets of polysterene, and 30 2 by 2s were delivered to the Temple

Everyone appeared early on Saturday morning, with Tim Horton’s coffee – a Canadian must-have on a Saturday morning.

The Dorje Shugden five lineages statues came down first.

Then Je Tsongkhapa and Sons came down on the genie lift and were packed carefully into crates.

Then it was Buddha – about 150 kgs filled. Two genie lifts were wired together and a pallet was placed through the forks of this lift. Atop the pallet is the plywood sheet that will be the bottom of Buddha’s crate.

It took several strong men to lift Buddha off the lotus. A polysterene sheet and a piece of hardboard were slipped underneath as he was lifted. Buddha was slid onto the genie with several people acting as ballast so that it would not tip. Buddha was then packed carefully in the crate

Tara and Avalokiteshvara were next. By this time, packing had become an art form!

Twelve hours and all done

Dorje Shugden five lineages will stay at Atisha Centre in the East side of Toronto while the Temple is being renovated. The remaining Buddhas will be moved to the new Temple at Crawford St where they will remain, crated until renovations are done in December.

On June 2, we moved most of the contents of the Temple and the Temple House to storage. Then we had a garage sale at the Retreat House . . .

. . . and of course, a nice lunch in the garden!