Lifting the reinforced cardboard molds into place to cast the 8 central pillars

Dressing the steel frame with the mold

Now the mold is set up

A few minutes is all it takes to fill the mold with concrete and get another pillar

This step was very fast – only three days is all it took to erect the eight pillar

Removing the cardboard mold to reveal a perfect concrete surface

Next the other pillars are cast using a different kind of mold, but with equally fast results

Once the concrete is set, the molds are removed and the temple site is bristling with pillars!

The wood plates to build the ceiling molds arrive

The plates are put in place to cast the ceiling for the Sangha accommodations at the back of the Temple

The top view of the Sangha accommodation ceiling

A very simple and helpful system that allows to built a very big ceiling in ten days

Meanwhile the road leading to the residents chalets is opened

The soil features on the site of the residents Chalets are checked

Residents chalet mock-up – rear view

Residents chalet mock-up – front view

Residents chalet mock-up – rear view